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Sackville Baptist goes way, way back.  To 1832 to be exact.  That's when 24 people gathered in the home of Mr. Joseph Breaton to organize a Baptist Church in the Sackville area.  Thus, Sackville United Baptist Church was born.  The church has had its highs and its lows since then.  Yet it is still around today, seeking to be a place where Faith in a loving, generous and grace-filled God is discussed, where a caring and supportive Fellowship seek to share with each other and pray for one another and lift each other up and where people aren't afraid to actually have Fun!  (I know, a Baptist Church and fun aren't words that you normally see together in a sentence!) 

Faith, Fellowship and Fun.  That's what we think it's all about at Sackville Baptist.


Peter Metcalfe, or Pastor Pete, has officially been our pastor since February 2018.  He guest preached for us on numerous occasions before that and has always felt a special attachment to SUBC.  Whenever asked where he's from, he's always said, "The Maritimes," having grown up a preacher's kid and pastored himself in churches in NS, PEI and NB.  He is well known for his love of Star Wars, Star Trek and Superman and enjoys including these pop culture references with his messages whenever possible!

Pastor Pete.jpg

Liana Fader, or Queen Bee, is our Organist, our Choir Director, our Bulletin Editor and a million other things.  She is a SUBC lifer and we don't know what we'd do without her invaluable contributions to our church life.  Whenever she is not busy around SUBC, you might find her stocking shelves at Sobeys in her "real job" or planning her next trip to Disney World to hang out with Mickey & Friends!

Queen Bee.jpg

A short welcome video from Pastor Peter introducing you to life at Sackville Baptist.

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